Art encourages individual identity as well as creative thinking. I believe each person sees art differently in their own liking and emotions. As a humble artist, I am grateful to have the opportunity to evoke people’s thoughts and emotions…”

– Kidd Pantana-Gunther

Kidd Pantana-Gunther (Kidd Panther) is a young aspiring art enthusiast with experience in Art Management, Promotion, and Production. With a keen eye in art and people skills, Kidd constantly seeks out creative minds to learn from and find new opportunities for artist.

Born and raised in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Kidd hoped to become an artist at a very young age; attending art classes and finding other ways to express his bilingual and bicultural background. Throughout his youth and young adult age, Kidd joined community art venues, classes, and started a hobby in Photography. Later, he taught Thai children English by intergrading art into his classes.

Eager for more art knowledge, he sought higher education in the United Sates. While attending the State University of New York at Purchase, Kidd joined an after-school art program to enrich and enhance young artists at Peekskill High School, New York. Soon after, he attended internships at artist management firms and helped administrate art and music festivals. The university’s faculty recognized his high regard for his efforts in team building and leading skills. He finished his undergraduate degree in Arts Management on a strong note and was rewarded a place on the University’s Dean’s list in 2017.

Currently Kidd resides both in his hometown Chiang Mai and his new found art utopia in Seattle, Washington. His believes in connecting the creativity of both culture and artist. He works with Thai and American artists in achieving their goals, representing their vision, and carrying their creativity to others with heart.


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