Cimabue v. Giotto: Madonna Enthroned

Einstein’s famous quote, “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination,” is being thrown out everywhere. But do you know how these imaginations are formed? That’s where the knowledge of art history is relevant. Read some of Kidd Panther’s Art History & Reviews to learn more of the arts.

Cimabue v. Giotto: Madonna Enthroned is a great comparison review between the two generations shifts in style of Italian artist depicting Madonna and Christ.

Did you know???? Blue pigments during the 14th century was extremely rare and expensive. This is because the blue pigment(azurite, ultramarine) was only produced in Afghanistan. Imagine the time it took to ship the pigments to Europe during a time without UPS?

Check out Kidd Panther: Creativity Connecting’s art history and art review menu. More arts history created by Kidd Panther @ ArtHistoryBuff

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